Studying in Kiel

Philosophy renders orientation in both thinking and acting. Philosophy means engaging with the adventures of reflection on concepts which are necessary for any orientation in the world. At the seminar for philosophy in Kiel the variety of all philosophical reflection is underlined: it is studied both in historical depth and systematic width. Five academic chairs with different outline and lecturers of different expertise and temperament provide a variety of methodical access to academic philosophy. The seminar invites its students to an experience in studying that focuses on independent reflection, clear argumentation, precision in concepts and freedom in thinking.

Variety in unity the philosophy in Kiel also means philosopizing outside of the academic mainstream. Through Karl Leonard Reinhold it's interweaved with German Idealism, figures like Wilhelm Dilthey, Hans Blumenberg or Hermann Schulz shape both hermeneutic and phenomological roots as those in cultural philosophy. These influences facilitate studying in both analytical and continental traditions and a critiical analysis of either. In the Kiel Center for Philosophy, Politics and Economics and the dedicated chair for the philosophy of environmental ethics both economic and environmental disputes are the centre of interest. The seminar for philosophy in Kiel is of small size and thus renders active interexchange especially possible - both between students and betweend students and lecturers.

You can get an overview of the lectures offerend in the UnivIS - both on current lectures as on those in the past to get an overview of the variety at Kiel's seminar of philosophy.

More genereal information can be found in this brochure or in this folder.

In the winter term 19/20, these lectures are offered in English:

Segeln in Kiel

Living in Kiel

Studying in Kiel means living at the sea. As the capital of Schleswig-Holstein Kiel connects the oppurtinities of a large city with a proximity to nature. The Kiel Fjord reaches to the centre of the city which means a strong presence of maritime flair. Thus Kiel is neither tranquil nor hectic and offers a variety of watersports also in college sports and different beaches for hot summer days. With a semester abroad in Kiel you can study in a city where others take a vacation.




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