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Philosophisches Seminar der CAU zu Kiel

Leibnizstr. 6 | R. 315
24118 Kiel
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| Vita |

since October 2012
Research Assistant at the Department of Philosophy, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

September 2011 – November 2011
Preparation of a report on geoengineering for the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag (TAB), work package on ‘risk assessment, evaluation principles and decision criteria’, together with Konrad Ott and Margarita Berg

January 2011 – March 2011
Visiting Researcher at the University of Zurich, Switzerland

April 2010 – December 2010
Visiting Researcher at the Pennsylvania State University, USA

June n009 – September 2012
Ph.D. Student at the University of Greifswald

December 2008
Diploma in Environmental Sciences at the Leuphana University Lueneburg, Germany

April 2005 – August 2008
Student Assistant at the Institute for Environmental Communication at the Leuphana University in Lueneburg

June 2010 – August 2010: Research Scholarship, German Academic Exchange Service
June 2009 – October 2012: Dissertation Scholarship, German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU)


| Research |

Ongoing PhD project on “Compensating the victims of climate change in developing countries – theoretical justification and practical accomplishment”

Since June 2013

Research Assistant in the project „Arguing about CE: Towards a Comprehensive Ethical Analysis of an Ongoing Debate“ within the priority program (SPP) of the German Research Foundation (DFG) „Climate Engineering: Risks, Challenges, Opportunities?“

Focus of Research
Ethics of Climate Change
Global Justice
Environmental Ethics and Sustainability

| Teaching |

Summer term 2015

Climate Engineering aus technikphilosophischer und umweltethischer Perspektive (050305)

Winter term 2015/16

Lektüreseminar - John Rawls: Political Liberalism (050264)

Winter term 2014/15
Nancy Fraser: Scales of Justice (050125)

Summer term 2014
Lektüreseminar - Immunael Kants Schrift Zum ewigen Frieden (05145)

Winter term 2012/13
Introduction to Climate Ethics (in German)

Summer term 2013
One World? Theories of Global Justice (in German)

Winter term 2013/14
Human Rights: Justification and Criticism (in German)


| Publications |

2016: Can we have it both ways? On potential trade-offs between Mitigation and Solar Radiation Management. In: Environmental Values 25, 1. (forthcoming). PDF

2015: In Defense of Emissions Egalitarianism?, In L. Meyer & P. Sanklecha (Eds.), Climate Justice and Historical Emissions. Cambridge University Press. (forthcoming) (together with Konrad Ott). PDF

2014: Klimaethik: Mitigation, Adaptation und Climate Engineering. In: Kallhoff, Angela (Ed.): Klimagerechtigkeit/Klimaethik. De Gruyter, 181-198 (together with Konrad Ott). PDF

2014: Ethics and sustainable consumption. In: Reisch, Lucia; Thøgersen, John (Eds.): Handbook of Research on Sustainable Consumption. Edward Elgar, 118-128 (together with Lieske Voget-Kleschin and Konrad Ott). PDF

2014: Climate Change and Individual Duties to Reduce GHG Emissions. In: Ethics, Policy & Environment 17, 1. (17, 1: 1-19) PDF

2013: Responsibility for the past? Some thoughts on compensating those vulnerable to climate change in developing countries. In: Ethics, Policy and Environment 16, 1: 94-110. PDF

2013: Wie groß muss mein Scherflein sein? Individuelle Verantwortung für Nachhaltigkeit am Beispiel des Klimawandel. In: Politische Ökologie 135, 39-44. PDF

2012: Domains of Climate Ethics. In: Westra, Laura; Soskolne, Colin L.; Spady, Donald (Eds.): Human Health and Ecological Integrity. Ethics, Law and Human Rights. New York: Routledge, 188-200. (together with Konrad Ott) PDF

2012: Review of „Justice in Funding Adaptation under the International Climate Change Regime” by Marco Grasso. In: Political Studies Review 10, 3.

2011: Strong Sustainability as a Frame for Sustainability Communication In: Godemann, Jasmin; Michelsen; Gerd (Eds.): Sustainability Communication. Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Theoretical Foundations. Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 13-26. (together with with Konrad Ott and Barbara Muraca)

2009: Integrating Sustainable Transport Measures into the Clean Development Mechanism. In: Transport Reviews 29, 1: 91-113. (together with Bettina Wittneben, Daniel Bongardt, Holger Dalkmann and Wolfgang Sterk)

2009: ‘Ecological Debt’ – Analyse eines umstrittenen Konzeptes am Beispiel des Klimawandels. Saarbrücken: VDM-Verlag.

| Talks & Presentations |

Workshop on "Climate Justice: Concepts and Principles” during the “Training School on Climate Justice: Human Rights, Rule of Law and Good Governance in Times of Climate Change” at the Hague Institute for Global Justice, October 2014.

“Menschenrechte und Umweltgerechtigkeit – Argumente für einen anspruchsvollen globalen Standard” University of Greifswald, January 2014.

“Constructivist and well-being based justifications of human rights – Two sides of the same coin?” University of Frankfurt, November 2013.

 “Just adaptation finance – a criteria-based assessment of revenue-generating policy instruments”, paper presented at the 8th Uppsala Forum Workshop on Climate Change, September 2013.

„Individual Responsibility for Global Environmental Problems“, paper presented at the conference “Climate Change, Sustainability, and an Ethics of an Open Future”, 50th Societas Ethica Annual Conference, Soesterberg, August 2013. (together with Lieske Voget-Kleschin)

“Can we have it both ways? On potential trade-offs between mitigation and solar radiation management”, paper presentation during the workshop “Climate Change 2.0? Normative and Political Issues of Geoengineering the Climate“, ECPR Joint Sessions, Mainz University, March 2013.

„Klimaethik: Einführung in die normative Dimension des Klimawandels“, talk at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Wien, December 2012.

„Entschädigung der Opfer des Klimawandels“, talk at the University of Vienna, October 2012.

„Klima- und Umweltethik aus diskursethischer Perspektive“, talk at the annual meeting of the teachers‘ association Ethics of the state of Baden-Württemberg „Natur und Moral. Aktuelle Probleme der Umweltethik“, Bad Urach, May 2012.

“Compensating those vulnerable to climate change – who should pay and how to raise the funds?”, paper presentation during the workshop “Justice and Climate Change”, University of Oxford, July 2011.

“The Ten Domains of Climate Ethics”, paper presentation during the conference “Human Rights and Duties: Supporting Biological Integrity for Public Health”, Charles University in Prague, July 2011.

“Individual Responsibility for Climate Change”, paper presentation during the conference “Climate Change Ethics as the World Gathers at Cancun for COP-16”, Cancun, December 2010.

“Financing Adaptation in Developing Countries – Moral Duties in the Face of Climate Change”, talk at the Pennsylvania State University, September 2010.

"Climate Change and Historical Justice – Comment on Lukas H. Meyer", discussant at the workshop "Responsibility in International Political Philosophy", University of Graz, September 2010.

“Who is Responsible for Compensating the Victims of Climate Change in Developing Countries?”, paper presentation during the conference “Integrating Development and Climate Change Ethics”, Pennsylvania State University, April 2010.