Climate Ethics, Sustainability and Global Justice

The research group deals with normative questions around current ecological and social problems, especially climate change, in both research and teaching. Generally speaking, we investigate rights and duties concerning these problems, what characterizes a just distribution of burdens and benefits and how just decision procedures are to be designed. Topics such as individual and historical responsibility, distribution of very scarce resources, and issues of compensation play a key role in our work. Which criteria should be used in the assessment of certain distribution patterns, procedures, technologies or policies is a cross-cutting theme. This includes whether and how such criteria can be made coherent. In this regard, our research presently focusses on adaptation to climate change and so-called Carbon Dioxide Removal (see below). 


Research projects:

Financing Adaptation to Climate Change in the Global South. Investigating a Fair and Practical Distribution of Scarce Resources 


ASMASYS: Unified Assessment framework for proposed methods of marine CDR and interim knowledge synthesis - Legal and ethical assessment (together with Nele Matz-Lück) 


Working Group Members:


Research assistants:

  • Jochen Heubach 
  • Denise Reubert