• Since January 2018
    I am working with Christian Baatz and Konrad Ott on the problems of justice raised by climate adaptation finance, with a special interest for coastal regions and small island developing states. We explore several criteria that allow to prioritize the distribution of adaptation finance to ensure that those who need it the most can benefit from it. Three main criteria are: vulnerability, efficiency and democracy. 


Focus of research

  • Climate Justice and Climate Ethics
    I am working on major philosophical problems raised by climate change, both from the perspective of political philosophy (principles of justice, duties of the States, institutional reforms) and ethics (individual climate duties, motivation to act, values). Lately, I have been particularly interested in the ethics of geoengineering, non-anthropocentric climate ethics and loss and damage resulting from climate change.
  • Ethics in the Anthropocene
    I conceive the Anthropocene as a general theoretical framework for philosophical reflection on normative notions such as responsibility and harm. This new geological epoch pushes us to rethink our ethical theories and how to understand individual responsibility in the face of current ecological problems such as climate change and biodiversity loss.

  • Global Justice and Human Rights
    I am also interested in theories of global justice, and more specifically in world poverty and the problems of moral and political philosophy linked to this topic. I support a human rights approach that not only highlights major injustices caused by current institutional structures (for instance the ones that regulate the exploitation and the trade of natural resources), but that also proposes concrete solutions such as just and politically feasible institutional reforms.