Plurality in unity: Philosophy in Kiel

Philosophy orients thinking and acting. To philosophise means embarking on the adventure of reflection. The Department of Philosophy at Kiel emphasises the plurality of philosophical thought, forms and traditions, enabling students to gain an insight into their subject’s historical depth even as they acquire knowledge of its systematic breadth. With five professors representing different research areas and distinct philosophical temperaments, our department commands a variety of methodological approaches. What we all share is a belief in autonomous reflection, clear argument, accuracy in the use of concepts and the free development of thought—as well as a wish to invite students to venture on this extraordinary intellectual “Bildungs”experience.


Our program aims at achieving a meaningful balance between students’ freedom and curricular necessities. It offers a general framework with numerous possibilities for variation and specialisation designed to encourage students to set about their own research projects. Given that philosophy ranks highly in the curricula of all school types in our Bundesland Schleswig-Holstein and thus offers good employment prospects, special attention is devoted to teacher training.


Students will discover a vivid departmental life unfolding in an intimate, personal atmosphere. Tutorials, reading groups and the philosophy student society combine to stimulate active participation in lectures, bolster solidarity and provide for close contact with the faculty.


You are invited to study philosophy at

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.